„Der Musikalische Garten is a relatively young ensemble which in the few year of its existence has made quite an impression. That is easy to understand, listening to these energetic and expressive performances. I hope to hear their next disc soon.“

Johan van Veen, musicweb international

Zu Gast im Blauen Haus

Review from musicweb-international


„They are utterly superb players giving this obscure set of pieces performances of the highest possible quality. They treat every work as if it were a masterpiece."

Dave Billinge, Musicweb International

à 2 Violin. Verstimbt

All of the music on this program comes from the Rost Codex, a compendium of 151 works composed in the last decades of the 17th Century for two scordatura violins and continuo. From it the players have culled a nearly all-German program of sonatas, concertos, and canzonas by Telemann, Kindermann, Jan Ignaz Frantisek Vojta (c. 1660-c. 1725), Schmelzer, and several anonymous composers. The violin tunings are listed in the program. Many Baroque composers, particularly in Germany, appear to have been attracted to non-standard tunings because standard tunings limited their experimentation. "Thinking outside the box" in this way simply allowed them to push the limits of virtuosity to new extremes.

American Record Guide, Jan/Feb 2015

„The results are astounding and in the hands of these young virtousos, breathtaking. I can hardly wait for the next recording.“

American Record Guide